Mind with Body Therapy Frome

Core Proces Pychotherapy & Craniosacral Biodynamics

Mind with Body Therapy Frome

Mind with Body Therapy Frome

Core Proces Pychotherapy & Craniosacral Biodynamics

Core Process Psychotherapy

**** I am currently unable to accept new clients for Core Process Psychotherapy ****

I hope that the following information and links will be of interest and and help you to find a suitable therapist.

Further information and support is also available on my Resources page.

http://acpponline.net/      The Association of Core Process Psychotherapists website has information about Core Process Psychotherapy and therapist listings.

https://www.psychotherapy.org.uk/  The UK Council for Psychotherapy has an extensive website including information on psychotherapy and choosing a therapist.

http://www.counselling-directory.org.uk/  Another extensive website with information, resources and therapist listings.

How Therapy Can Help

We are all born into the flow of life, a continually changing sequence of events and experiences. Some of what happens to us will not be of our choosing. Sometimes the choices that we make turn out differently to our hopes and expectations. Life can be rich, wonderful and it can also be tough. We can find ourselves struggling, overwhelmed or stuck. Our feelings can be complex, multidimensional or even contradictory. They can be hard to acknowledge, accept or understand. Even with the support of family and friends we can feel unhappy, dissatisfied or isolated and unsure about how to move forwards.

river axe 1At times such as these it can be helpful to have a protected space and relationship within which to explore your inner world and the areas of concern in your life. Therapy offers the opportunity to slow down and reflect within the safety and holding of a therapeutic relationship. It offers support and stability at times of difficulty and also the space for open, honest inquiry about the issues that you bring and the movement towards living a happier and more fulfilling life.

As your therapist it is my intention to offer a safe and genuine relationship within which you feel secure, supported and encouraged. We work at your pace, to allow your feelings, emotions and how you experience yourself, others and the world to become more fully known.

Becoming more aware of underlying feelings and tendencies in this way can help us to accept and understand ourselves and life events more fully. It is possible to uncover hidden inner resources and resilience and develop a greater capacity for choice, flexibility and meaning in our lives and relationships.

About Core Process

My training is in Core Process Psychotherapy, which not only acknowledges the depth of human suffering but also the basic, intrinsic health and wholeness of each person. This form of therapy is closely related to the practices of Mindfulness and Focussing both of which explore human experience at many different levels including our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, body sensations, imagination and dreams.

This form of therapy encourages us to bring both curiosity and respect to our experience – seeing things as they really are with openness and kindness towards ourselves, whilst also noticing the relationship to our actions and ways of being in the world.

pathwayCore Process Psychotherapy relates to the whole person and includes bringing awareness to our bodies as well as to our minds. In addition to talking together this might involve sensing into how your body is feeling or working with negotiated light touch, movement or the breath. Bringing awareness to your body in this way can help to access hidden feelings and also to support their expression when words are difficult to find.

As your therapist, I am committed to offering a genuine meeting, to listen deeply and to respond as authentically and skilfully as I can. Through the process of joint inquiry within the therapy relationship change then becomes possible.